Welcome at Fresh Source

Fresh Source is an innovating group of professional producers originating from Spain, United Kingdom and Senegal. Together we offer you an efficient and transparent platform which makes it possible to do business immediately with the producers. In other words… a short as possible line between grower and consumer. Or challenge and expertise lies in delivering products as directly as possible, whatever, whenever.

Fresh Source sees it as her social duty to stimulate sustainable management of nature and environment. Of course this goes beyond just the product and the environment. Especially people play an important part in all of this. That’s why short lines of communication are a must. All of this results into a fresh, honest and delicious product for your consumer and happy relation.

Fresh Source
has years of experience in logistics. Through a close cooperation with a logistics service provider in the heart of fruit and vegetables centre Barendrecht we take care of all your logistics. Because of this we are able to provide exactly what you need at that moment. It is precisely because we are able to provide you exactly what you need at the moment you need it.

Instant advantage

In short, working together and doing business with Fresh Source will instantly give you a head start and attractive benefits. We would gladly give you a personal overview of these benefits. For more information, a further conversation or to make an appointment you can contact us at:

+31 (0) 180 760 760